About us

Terra Tots Natural Parenting store was the brainchild of Bernice Hembree. Bernice began Terra Tots in the summer of 2007 out of her passion for local cloth diapering and other natural parenting products. Terra Tots exploded and by 2010 became a staple in the local Fayetteville community. With life changes and a quickly growing musical career Bernice passed the Terra Tots torch on to Jennifer Creel in 2011. After retiring from 18 years of midwifery in NWA, Jennifer assumed the role of Sole Proprietor and Classroom Director at Terra Tots.


Jennifer moved to the Fayetteville community in 1993 to pursue her Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology. After graduating Jennifer realized how deeply in love she was with the unique local community and decided to call Fayetteville home. In 1995, Jennifer gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Greenley. After Greenley’s birth, Jennifer was less than satisfied with her typical hospital birth experience and began to educate herself of better alternatives to equip women on their journeys into motherhood.
After discovering the Midwifery Model of care, Jennifer knew where her calling was and began her path to become a midwife. Over sixteen years later, Jennifer is a midwife and the proud owner of Birthroot Midwifery. Continuing the legacy of Terra Tots made sense for Jennifer because it was the perfect fit for her philosophy about women. Jennifer strives to educate, empower, and enrich the life of every family through holistic care and education. “EVERY kind of mom is welcome at Terra Tots. EVERY mom can find support for her journey regardless if she chooses to cloth diapers or not, and EVERY family can get the help they deserve from our staff. Any little change a family makes means a step in a better direction for their families and their communities.”


Customer Reviews

"I love that organic and environmentally healthy products like these are available right here in Fayetteville and that it is locally owned."
Pati Mitchell

"I feel really good about asking you about anything. You always are so helpful."
Robin Jones

"Terra Tots is the only place that I can count on informed advice to select safe, organic, and useful gifts for my granddaughter. The layout is wonderful too, but the people there make it very special."
Maribeth Lynes

"Everything in the store is good for my family."
Sara Milford

"It is GREAT to be able to see and touch these products before buying, before the only place to buy products like these we had to order online. I certainly wasted some money buying items online, if I had had the chance to see them in person I would have saved money, and that is what Terra Tots does for us!"
BJ Rager