Iron naturally drops as your body makes extra blood for baby.  Designed for altitude sickness, ChlorOxygen helps hemoglobin molecules retain more oxygen increasing blood circulation and iron levels.

Swelling is common and causes decreased blood circulation to hands and feet. The worst symptoms occur at night while asleep. The herb Nettle found in Lady in WaitingTea is perfect to have right before bed to ensure proper circulation and rest.

Past your “due date” and need a little help?  Here are our Instructions for Safely Inducing Labor using herbs.  OB approved, tell them herbs were recommended by Licensed Midwife Jennifer Creel!

Postpartum is a time to heal and bond with your baby.  Our tincture Nurtured Mother is effective for easing afterbirth contractions and can later be used to ease menstrual crams. Our Postpartum Herb Bath is especially effective for soothing and healing, postpartum. Our Bath Instructions recommend adding garlic to effectively reduce postpartum swelling.



Breastfeeding is a personal choice. Always know that if you choose to, We Got You!

You will make what your baby needs and only need to remember a couple things.  Master the latch!  Stay hydrated and nourished.  If you are pumping we have a 1-2 punch that is guaranteed.  Just combine Let There Be Milk with a Handsfree Pumping Bra.  Warning may cause projectile milk and pumping while driving!

Always remember to trust, relax and surrender.  If you need additional support:

Schedule a Private Lactation Consultation with our on staff Midwife Jennifer Creel

Contact our local Le Leche League for a monthly meeting schedule or for additional breastfeeding support.


Don’t be fooled, get schooled.  Washing cloth diapers is one of the easiest things you’ll do as a Parent (provided you avoid buying crap diapers and listening to “Internet Experts with Google PHDs.”)

Check out our 10+ Years of Simple Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions