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Just one little kiss of our Kid’s Defense Air Powered Spray® sunscreen will protect your little one from the sun without the use of chemical propellants. Our Naturally Nourishing Antioxidant Defenders® in all our sun care products contain effective ingredients that only Mother Nature has to offer keeping your kids safe as they play! Advanced Protection-SPF 50 Our Kid’s Defense Air Powered Spray® provides broad spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays and is water resistant (40 minutes). Convenient Air Powered Spray® Now in an easy to use one touch , any angle spray , designed for those hard to reach places . Plus, the clear, rub free formula makes it perfect for kids on the go. And, it’s air-powered, without any chemical propellants! Naturally Nourishing Antioxidant Defenders® Antioxidants offer an additional layer of protection to help fight free radicals and decrease the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants. Our Kid’s Defense Air Powered Spray® is a blend of naturally effective ingredients that feed goodness to your little one’s skin while it protects. This broad spectrum sunscreen contains Antioxidant Defenders® like goji berry, Vitamin C & E, and aloe vera to nourish your little one’s delicate skin.