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There are certain moments in a child's life that happen for the first time such as learning to tie his or her shoe, catching a frog, and riding a bike.... My hope is that when your child experiences these things, they will be captured and cherished forever. Written and Illustrated in Fayetteville, AR. About the author, Gwen A. Watkins Gwen was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. She attended a small private school where an English teacher cultivated a love for books and reading. After receiving an early childhood degree from the University of Arkansas, she then taught kindergarten at a small rural public school for many years. Gwen is married with three children of whom most of what she has written in the Memorable Moments books has been inspired from her life experiences with them. Gwen and her husband love to recall the special events that took place in their children’s lives. Remembering those times brings fond memories that we will treasure for a lifetime. About the illustrator, Nadine Rippelmeyer Nadine Rippelmeyer, born in Minnesota, is currently residing in Fayetteville, AR. A former RN, she delights in her family: her husband, Drake, and her children: Isaac, Elise, and Josiah. Coming from a family of artisans, she is part of a large and loving extended family. Loving color, texture, and movement, she enjoys using a multitude of mediums, such as fine art photography, water based mediums, and mixed media. Selling worldwide, she has garnered numerous awards and honors.